Future100 Architecture Graduates

Future100 Architecture Graduate Winners

These are the top architecture graduate students in the United States and Canada as selected by the Metropolis team. View the full 2023 Future100 cohort here.

a model of a building

Lamia Albunni | University of Cincinnati

NOMINATOR: Edward Mitchell, Program Director

Lamia was our outstanding undergraduate and approached every problem with high sense of imagination and personal invention. Her recent work on the Ohio River waterfront and her studio project to rebuild a small company town in Akron, Ohio, demonstrate her high level of research, her deep commitment to material innovation, and a strong poetic senses of form.

Steven Almond | University of Cincinnati

NOMINATOR: Edward Mitchell, Program Director

Steve recently completed graduate work on re-urbanizing the Ohio Riverfront developing a solid project that incorporated rainwater management and flood controls into a dense urban fabric.

a drawing of a building

Samuel Bager | Columbia University

NOMINATOR: Michael Caton, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Sam’s leadership stems first from what he producesthe–the quality, rigor, thoughtfulness, and ambition of his work immediately set him apart. What cemented Sam’s leadership role in our studio and beyond, was how he conducted himself with others and the inclusive atmosphere and camaraderie he can cultivate.

Brianna Baldwin | Tulane University

NOMINATOR: Ruben Garcia-Rubio, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Architecture & Urbanism

She produced an excellent proposal for a mass timber office building while tackling the challenges of the integrated building systems studio. Her extraordinary attention to detail conveyed and maintained the core design concepts through the final proposal. She challenged herself through material investigation of structure and building envelope while showcasing a thoughtful comprehension of the construction details.

a building made of pink and purple tubes

Chelsea Cameron | Florida International University

NOMINATOR: Henry Rueda Coronel, Chair of the Department of Architecture

Chelsea approaches learning with a very mature and professional attitude. Her passion for architecture and the city is demonstrated every semester, all her teachers speak highly of her work and her dedication to class. I had the fortune of reviewing her 3D Printed Housing project and was deeply moved by her sensitivity and understanding of our society’s inequalities.

a collage of a building

Josh Greene | Yale University

NOMINATOR: Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Assistant Dean and Professor

a sphere-shaped building

Alyssa Halloran | Savannah College of Art and Design

NOMINATOR: Mike Hill, Professor

Alyssa’s depth of creative thought is like none other and continually elevates the conversation around what is architecture. She continually pushes herself beyond her limits, exploring new ideas and theories that create evocative pieces of design. Alyssa shows excellent talent at considering and grasping the concepts given to her and then applying them in her designs/concepts.

people standing on a sculpture

Martin Hitch | California College of the Arts

NOMINATOR: Brian Price, Chair of Graduate Architecture

Martin uniquely understands the capacity of design to be a co-operative endeavor: co-operation between the multiple stakeholder’s architecture is always responsible to, but also co-operation between design and the environmental our works are situated in. Martin has a unique imagination, critical sensibilities, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

a drawing of a building

Shreya Jaiswal | State University of New York at Buffalo

NOMINATOR: Gregory K. Serweta, Visiting Adjunct Instructor

Shreya has exhibited unbound self-motivation and passion in her architecture studies and extracurricular pursuits. In her studio work, she was a vital contributor and team player and was mindfully independent and refreshingly experimental in her design iterations.

an aerial view of a building site

Benjamin Janes | University of Oregon

NOMINATOR: Nico Larco, Professor, Director (Urbanism Next Center), Co-Director (Sustainable Cities Initiative)

Ben was tremendously invested in his course material, a leader in discussions who often identified areas of inherent conflict in this topic and sought to gain a deeper understanding of the issues involved, potential synergies, and potential tradeoffs. Thorough and insightful, his project work was in the top 1% of all the students I have had in the last 10 years of teaching this course.

a wooden model

Sijie Ji | University of California, Los Angeles

NOMINATOR: Mohamed Sharif, Assistant Adjunct Professor, and Partner, Sharif, Lynch: Architecture

Sijie Ji’s designs demonstrate skillfully executed syntheses of technological innovation and formal exoticism.

a 3D model of a deconstructed form

Sarah Johnson | University of Pennsylvania

NOMINATOR: Andrew Saunders, Associate Professor / Director of the Master of Architecture Program

The portfolio work of Sarah Johnson has been awarded and distinguishes her as a designer in the top tier of the MArch graduating class of 2023.

the interior of an atrium

Tasmia Kamal | University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

NOMINATOR: Francisco Javier Rodríguez-Suárez, FAIA, Director and Clayton T. Miers Professor, ACSA Distinguished Professor

Tasmia has shown herself to be an articulate spokesperson, and a respected leader. Tasmia has brilliantly represented the ISoA, receiving the 2021 Gertrude Llemp Kerbis Scholarship from the Chicago Women in Architecture Foundation, the Illinois Graduate Award for Design Excellence, and the Third Prize in the 2021 AIA-Chicago Award Competition.

a collage of people standing near buildings

Courtney Klee | Louisiana State University

NOMINATORS: Fabio Capra-Ribeiro, PhD, Assistant Professor; Sergio Padilla, Instructor/Undergraduate Coordinator

Notable for her versatility, breadth of knowledge, and technical skill, Courtney has excelled in studio design courses. She has developed a particular and sophisticated awareness of community and regional issues, and cultivated a practical focus on social, spatial, and environmental justice.

a rendering of buildings

Wanying Li | University of California, Los Angeles

NOMINATOR: Neil Denari, Professor

While many young designers seek safe routes toward agreeable excellence, Wanying Li is a risk taker who seeks out new forms of expression in both concept and image. Her level of craft is always high, which enables a kind of persuasiveness rarely seem among students today.

the exterior of a building at the corner of an intersection

Clytie Hoi Ting Mak | UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

NOMINATOR: Mohamed Sharif, Assistant Adjunct Professor and Director, Undergraduate program

Shaw College College Head’s List 2019/20, CUHK (Awarded for top 10% GPA in architecture program in Shaw College, Chinese University of Hong Kong) Shaw College Department/Program Scholarships 2019/20, CUHK (Awarded for obtaining the best year GPA in the study year of the architecture program) 2019 End of Term Studio Work Exhibition, CUHK (Model and panels of ‘The Breather’ being selected for studio exhibition)

Alana Morris | Boston Architectural College

NOMINATOR: Karen Nelson, Dean, School of Architecture

Alana is a dedicated and ambitious BIPOC woman who is gathering research data about how haptic perception can enrich environments for all—but especially for those whose sight is impaired. She is drawing from disparate fields to help create spaces for children that makes them more self-reliant and socially engaged.

the exterior of a building rendered in lavander

Jamaica Reese-Julien | University of Pennsylvania

NOMINATOR: Andrew Saunders, Associate Professor / Director of the Master of Architecture Program

The portfolio work of Jamaica Reese-Julien has been awarded and distinguishes her as a designer in the top tier of the MArch graduating class of 2023.

buildings in a field

Carlos Romo | Texas A&M University

NOMINATOR: Ahmed Ali, Associate Professor of Architecture, Associate Department Head for Professional Programs

Carlos demonstrates a profound level of curiosity, thoroughness, and professionalism in every aspect of his work. I have been teaching and practicing architecture for over 25 years and can assure you that Carlos is an exceptional individual who is driven by deep passion for architecture, making buildings, and integrating theories to practice.

a wooden model of a building

Hali Sheriff | University at Buffalo

NOMINATOR: Annette LeCuyer, Professor of Architecture

Hali’s performance in all courses has been excellent. A number of faculty have noticed her excellent skills of analysis, design and representation. Hali is a registered architect in Peru with four years of experience working in the architectural office of Avianca Airline.

the interior of a lobby

Dana Shores | University of Florida

NOMINATOR: David Rifkind, Director of School of Architecture

Dana is a gifted designer who has built an impressive portfolio of work both as a student at UF and as a practitioner. His talent as a visual artist is evident in professional work that includes sculptural installations and infrastructural projects that act as public art.

the exterior of a building

Aastha Shrestha | University of Utah

NOMINATOR: Timothy O. Adekunle, Ph.D., MCIOB, FHEA, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Aastha is an outstanding student who has excelled in many areas. The candidate has been recognized at different times for her excellent design work. Aastha currently serves as one of our Graduate Teaching Assistants at the University of Utah School of Architecture. The applicant has contributed immensely to tutoring and supporting undergraduate students of architecture.

an aerial view of a building site

Michael Urueta | Clemson University

NOMINATOR: David Allison FAIA, FACHA, Alumni Distinguished Professor and Director Graduate Studies in Architecture + Health

Michael is a tireless leader and effective collaborator in addition to being talented and skilled architecture student. Michael’s studio design work as both an undergraduate and graduate student has been consistently strong, individually and in collaboration with others. His studio projects consistently demonstrate a rigorous design process, evocative graphic clarity, and thoughtful and thorough resolution.

a cutaway view of a highrise tower

Moises Villanueva | University of Florida

NOMINATOR: David Rifkind ,Director School of Architecture

Moises is a gifted designer whose work has been recognized by our faculty with multiple honors. He is an exceptional student who was selected for a highly coveted position as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in our undergraduate design studios.

a landscape with a tree and a brick building in the background

Yuli Wang | Columbia University

NOMINATOR: ZiadJamaleddine, Assistant Professor

a garden under a glass dome

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Wilson | California College of the Arts

NOMINATOR: Brian Price, Chair of Graduate Architecture + Associate Professor

Lizzy’s thoughtful work exemplifies the future of architecture. She is an incredibly talented designer with a dedication to continuously challenging herself and developing her work. She has an unusual maturity as a design student, evidenced by a process of careful iteration and testing and resulting in proposals that are refined and confident.

a cardboard model of a structure

Chi Zhang | Yale School of Architecture

NOMINATOR: Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Assistant Dean and Professor

Christina Zhang is one of the best and most memorable students I had had during my thirty years of teaching at Yale School of Architecture. I had her as a student in my seminar during her first semester and she thrived in moving between different media effortlessly.

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