Future100 Interior Design Undergraduate Winners

These are the top interior design undergraduate students in the United States and Canada as selected by the METROPOLIS team. View the full 2024 Future100 cohort here.

ZEINAB ALBUSHARIF | University of Nebraska–Lincoln University

NOMINATOR: Lindsey Bahe, Interior Design Program Director, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

“Zeinab’s design superpower is her sensitivity and thoughtfulness. She has a clear passion and drive to approach design through the lens of place and culture—and has a particular global sensitivity that sets her work apart from her peers.”

SKYLAR BILLINGSLEY | Suffolk University

NOMINATOR: Anna Gitelman, Associate Professor of Interior Architecture, Suffolk University

“Skylar’s studio projects consistently stand out for their thorough research, unwavering commitment to ethical considerations, a wealth of iterative explorations, thoughtful spatial and volumetric organization, and meticulous drawings, renderings, analyses, and documentation.”

LYDIA BLUES | University of Cincinnati

NOMINATOR: Savanah Lee, Senior Interior Designer, AvroKO

“As a dedicated interior design student intern at AvroKO’s New York design studio, Lydia consistently contributed unique and creative solutions, speaking up as a valuable team member. Her exceptional 3D modeling skills, coupled with flexibility and a fast-learning aptitude, demonstrate her outstanding potential for future success in the field.”

JOHN CASARIA | University of Central Oklahoma

NOMINATOR: SeonMi Choi, Professor, Interior Design Program, School of Design, College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Central Oklahoma

“John is a very creative thinker, a hard worker, and one of the most talented interior design students. He has consistently produced high-quality work outcomes through solid research and in-depth problem-solving processes.”

TIFFANY CHANG | Kent State University

NOMINATOR: Britta Bielak, Assistant Professor, Kent State University, College of Architecture & Environmental Design

“Tiffany’s design work emerges from a robust intersection of complex conceptual narrative, thoughtful detailing and assembly, and exceptional sensitivity to user groups. Her parallel interests in human geography and architectural studies accentuate her use of empathy, historical and social narratives, and rigorous analysis in her design process.”

EMILY CHEN | British Columbia Institute of Technology

NOMINATOR: Tiia Manson, Program Head, Bachelor of Interior Design, British Columbia Institute of Technology

“Emily’s competencies include concept development, programming, space planning, modeling, and building code analysis. She is hardworking, diligent, and willing to go the extra distance on her projects.”

SOOJEE CHOI | California College of the Arts

NOMINATOR: Margaux Schindler, Assistant Professor; Chair, Interior Design Program, California College of the Arts; Cofounder and Director, SIZL Studio

“Soojee continuously challenges herself to develop complex design solutions, exploring the possibilities of a project at multiple scales. She has the dedication, motivation, and passion to be a leader within the community.”

SYDNEY CRAWFORD | Kent State University

NOMINATOR: Tina Patel, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Kent State University

“Sydney distinguished herself with her capacity to critically analyze design issues, effectively articulate design concepts, and sensibly comprehend the context and users’ needs. She approaches each design challenge with enthusiasm.”

JIMMY DAY | Colorado State University

NOMINATOR: Jain Kwon, Professor, Colorado State University

“With a keen interest in health care and commercial design, Jimmy expresses his passion for creating environments as an opportunity to serve humanity and create ripples of change that positively impact the world.”

ADAM DEMIEN | Maryville University of St. Louis

NOMINATOR: Darlene Davison, Interior Design Program Director (2007–2023) and Adjunct Professor, Maryville University of St. Louis

“I have been impressed with Adam’s aptitude for both abstract and technical concepts. He is a student with strong characteristics: a strong design sense, a strong work ethic, strong conceptual development, and research skills that produce strong project work.”

HALEY GIROUX | Rochester Institute of Technology

NOMINATOR: Kelly Jahn, Adjunct Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

“Haley has a spark and curiosity about her that is infectious. Her passion for design is evident in her work, her professional demeanor, and positive attitude. She approaches design challenges thoughtfully and holistically.”

MARTINA HANNA | New Jersey Institute of Technology

NOMINATOR: David Brothers, Senior University Lecturer, Interior Design Program Coordinator, School of Art + Design, Hillier College of Architecture and Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology

“Martina’s designs express an unmistakable joy and pleasure that can only come from a sincere love of the discipline and a commitment to the work that’s necessary to realize them. Her brave use of bold colors and dynamic patterns is not typically seen among students at her level.”

CAITLIN HERNDON | University of Kentucky

NOMINATOR: Patrick Lee Lucas, Professor, School of interiors, College of Design

“Caitlin dwells seamlessly between the two worlds of interior design and scene design. Her captivating graphics bring new dimensions to our understandings of elements and the spaces she shapes with them.”

ANGELA LE | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

NOMINATOR: Lindsey Bahe, Interior Design Program Director, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

“In each project, Angela demonstrates a sensitivity to design for people with diverse culture, needs, and values. Her design philosophy is ‘to use design as a tool to enhance everyday life through the little details, celebrate the human experience, and transform individuals, communities, and institutions alike.’”

MCKENSIE LONG | University of Florida

NOMINATOR: Roberto Rengel, Professor and Chair, Interior Design Department, College of Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida

“Mckensie’s designs are insightful and user-centric with sophisticated architectural forms, strategic use of lighting, careful attention to movement and sequence, and a creative use of architectural materials such as steel and concrete, juxtaposed with softer and textured interior finishes.”

ANASTASIA MATZAKOS | The University of Texas at Austin

NOMINATOR: Allison Gaskins, Assistant Professor of Practice, The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture

“Ani approaches every design challenge with unparalleled rigor and poise. She possesses an innate curiosity, pushing the boundaries of surface, materials, and assemblies. She excels in blending the familiar with the unexpected to create innovative interior environments.”

VICTORIA MCMILLAN | Colorado State University

NOMINATOR: Dr. Jain Kwon, Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture and Design, Colorado State University; IDEC, ASID Educator

“In addition to the aesthetic and practical aspects, Victoria’s designs are appealing in storytelling throughout the spaces in varying scales. She gives great attention to the impact of environmental colors and visual and tactile materiality on the end-user experience.”

ASHLEY MILLARD | Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

NOMINATOR: Melahat Kucukarslan Emiroglu, Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

“Ashley’s portfolio represents a combination of talent, dedication, and a forward-thinking approach to interior design. Her work brings an infectious enthusiasm reflecting not only a precision and neatness beyond technical prowess, but also creating spaces that uplift the spirit.”

LACEY OXFORD | University of Arkansas

NOMINATOR: Michelle Boyoung Huh, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

“Throughout Lacey’s projects, she demonstrates a good understanding of diverse users and thoughtful design based on in-depth consideration of the impact of interior design on their lives.”

ISABEL PROVISOR LEMERY | University of Arkansas

NOMINATOR: Marjan Miri, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design

“Isabel consistently delivers excellence with a meticulous approach. Her passion for pushing design boundaries is evident in her innovative solutions. Her proficiency extends seamlessly between spatial and graphic design, showcasing a versatile skill set that sets her apart.”

KATIE SECOR | University of Oregon

NOMINATOR: Cory Olsen, Interior Architecture Professor, University of Oregon

“Katie’s work stands out for her ability to harmoniously blend sophistication and playfulness, resulting in evocative and memorable experiences. A bold use of colors paired with timeless materials is a thread consistent in her projects.”

NESREEN SELIM | Marymount University

NOMINATOR: Susan Hergenrather, Continuing Professor, Marymount University

“Nesreen’s work frequently pushes the boundaries of what we expect to see. There is a willingness to push color, spatial envelopes, and old and new architectural language. She is an artist.”

ANNA SHOEMAKER | University of Tennessee

NOMINATOR: Greg Terry, Owner, GSTerry Design Studio, University of Tennessee; and Rana Abudayyeh, Associate Professor and Robin Klehr Avia Professor of Interior Architecture, University of Tennessee

“Anna quickly stood out as a premier student, showcasing her passion for design, her confidence in defending projects, and her leadership within the class. She is an impressive young designer who is always searching for ways to go beyond status quo.”

KRISTA SMITH | Iowa State Universit

NOMINATOR: Kim Daejin, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Iowa State University

“Krista’s approach to design is characterized by a relentless dedication and meticulous attention to detail. Her ability to tirelessly refine and perfect her projects is a clear indicator of her commitment to excellence in design.”

MADISON SVOBODA | Kansas State University

NOMINATOR: Michael Dudek, Associate Professor, Kansas State University

“Madison is one of the most well-rounded emerging designers I have had the pleasure of guiding. She is an intuitive, curious, and thoughtful designer. She has always impressed me as older and wiser than her age.”

BRIANNA TOUSSAINT | School of Visual Arts

NOMINATOR: Dr. Carol Bentel, Department Chair and Professor, School of Visual Arts

“Brianna has a powerful voice and can move others to listen to deeply relevant messages. She is that rare, extraordinary student who thinks deeply about her design work and its effect on others. She is incredibly hardworking, dedicated, and has unparalleled determination.”

TERESA UHL | Rochester Institute of Technology

NOMINATOR: Mary Golden, Interior Design Program Director, Rochester Institute of Technology

“Teresa demonstrates an unusually advanced level of design thinking and graphic capability relative to her academic experience. Devising unique, innovative concepts and preparing remarkably well-executed ideas are her strengths.”


NOMINATOR: Mel Kucukarslan Emiroglu, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech

“Vanny stands out with compelling and innovative work, and a remarkable blend of creativity, dedication, and a keen sensitivity to spatial planning. Her portfolio showcases a mastery of spatial aesthetics, thoughtful design solutions, and a diversified awareness of the evolving dynamics in interior spaces.”

KATHRYN WEBB | University of Tennessee

NOMINATOR: Rana Abudayyeh, Associate Professor, Robin Klehr Avia Professor of Interior Architecture, University of Tennessee

“Coupling advanced computing and technology with social advocacy, Kathryn’s work is characterized by an exceptional ability to tackle complex social issues while employing diverse material palettes and an innovative spirit of formal experimentation toward developing vibrant, forward-thinking settings.”

ELECTRA WHITE | California College of the Arts

NOMINATOR: Margaux Schindler, Chair of Interior Design Program and Interior Design Assistant Professor, California College of the Arts

“Electra continuously creates thoughtful and inventive design strategies for each project. She has the dedication, motivation, and passion to be a leader in design innovation within the interior design professional community.”

JOSIE WILLIAMS | University of Idaho

NOMINATOR: Dr. Rula Awwad-Rafferty, Professor and Department Chair, Interior Architecture and Design Program, Department of Design and Environments, College of Art & Architecture, University of Idaho

“Josie authentically, appreciatively, and innovatively interrogates design problems with an eye for wholeness of perspective, weaving stories of places and people in every design she creates. Josie’s work is rich in its contextual narrative, place sensitivity, and active engagement with stakeholders as storytellers and story makers.”

MEIXI XU | School of Visual Arts

NOMINATOR: Carol Bentel, Chair of SVA Interior Design: Built Environments Department, School of Visual Arts

“Meixi’s designs are highly imaginative and capture the essence of the culture and site, and they engage our imaginations for what could possibly be realized. She also strives to make a difference and to create behavioral change with design.”

ALA ZUCHNIAK | Toronto Metropolitan University

NOMINATOR: Jonathon Anderson, Director, Design + Technology Lab at The Creative School, and Associate Professor of Interior Design, Toronto Metropolitan University

“Ala immediately stands out as a person with great integrity who understands the value of collaborative relationships where she routinely takes initiative. Her design work is thoughtfully grounded in research and reframes the bounds of the project in surprising ways.”

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