Antoine Roset

One of the scions of the legendary company talks about design, luxury marketing, and the iPad.

Job description
Executive VP of Roset USA

Current projects
New store openings in North and South America, and decorating my flat

First step on a project
Find someone who likes the brand and has a strong feeling for contemporary high-end design. It is more than just finding a prospect.

Last step on a project
Official opening party (even if there is normally no end to collaboration)

How do you break a creative block?
Glass of vodka, cigarettes, books, sports …

Why do you do what you do?
Maybe because of my education … and certainly because of my family

MBA in luxury marketing and business school specialized in international business

Not sure yet

World-saving mission
Provide worldwide childhood education. Give to the next generation at least what we have enjoyed so far.

First act as “design czar”
Having an espresso in the morning

Dream team
I have the best so far!

Office chair
Sala chair by Ligne Roset

Office sound track
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

Favorite tchotchke

Most useful tool
Blackberry Bold


Best place to think
My office when it’s early in the morning

Current read

Something old
Ligne Roset. We just turned 150.

Something new
Ligne Roset. Check out our new collection!

Favorite space

Guilty pleasure
Shopping for lighting



Learned the hard way

Command-Z (undo)
This questionnaire

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