Color’s New Wave

The most high-performance rooms in the house get a suitably bold makeover.

There is an explosion taking place in the kitchen and the bathroom. Fortunately, it is vibrant colors that are bursting forth in these formerly pale spaces, which now play a central role in the home. Unlike the muddy harvest golds and avocado greens of the late 1970s, the new hues are bold and pure. Unexpected splashes appear in small countertop appliances, such as Kenmore’s deep red Big-Mouth food processor, as well as Azzurra and Neo-Metro’s rainbow of bathroom sinks. Even Art and Cook’s Zinc line of hand tools and utensils comes in candy colors of orange, green, pink, and purple, reflecting the passion of the aspiring chef. “Cooking today is not only about crafting a meal—it is also about crafting an experience,” company founder Allan Ben says. “People value the creative and artistic outlet that comes with pounding, slicing, and shredding. We have chosen colors that are refreshing and fun, and that stand up to the bold aesthetic our tools embody.” Here is a batch of products to bring cheer to hardworking rooms.

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