Going Green

A varied selection of sustainable materials

The BP oil spill has thrown into relief (once again) the perilous state of our natural resources. Though we may not be able to clean up our oceans (or stem the tide of corporate greed), we can all make small gestures that, when added up, have a big impact. Using responsibly produced, recycled, and recyclable materials is one such modest act. In response to a growing demand from ecoconscious architects and interior designers for green finishes and materials, manufacturers have developed a range of high-performance surfaces to choose from. Victor Innovatex’s polyester fabric, for instance, is made from postconsumer recycled material and uses ion technology for antimicrobial protection. Treefrog emulates the look of exotic woods using thin wood veneers of Forest Stewardship Council–sourced poplar. Here we offer a short list of the latest innovative and sustainable products, from PVC-free wallpaper to bamboo flooring.

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