Homebound Luxury

These designs can turn a simple bathroom into a rejuvenating spa experience.

The bathroom was once seen as a utilitarian space focused on hygiene and efficiency, but it has slowly been transformed into a luxurious place to relax and regenerate. The home spa isn’t just about decorative plumbing anymore. Now, you’re apt to find bathtubs that are long and extra deep; showers with body sprays and multiple heads that can be set to your exact temp-erature and pressure preferences; and, increasingly, steaming devices for pampering yourself with hydrotherapy.

The development of wellness products for the bath parallels what happened with cooking. “You can get all sorts of appliances for the different elements of a kitchen, and I think you’ll see the same thing happen in the bath,” says Tim Schroeder, the president and CEO of Duravit USA. “And why not? I really enjoy my built-in coffee machine and the refrigerator drawers for my beer and soda, and the same thing is happening in bath culture. Why wouldn’t you have these elements in your master bath if you have the space and the means?”

The trend extends to installing both innovative materials and smart technologies in the bathroom, creating a look that, no doubt, draws its inspiration from high-end hotels. Kiel Wuellner, the design studio manager at Axor NYC, is finding that clients want consistent branding throughout their homes—asking, for example, for a Citterio faucet and a Citterio couch. In response, bathroom manufacturers are offering complete suites with full ranges of accessories, from soap dishes to shelving. Here is our roundup of essential products to help you outfit your own home spa.

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