Kitchen Aid

Trying to save money by cooking at home? Investing in the right equipment can ease the burden.

With the downturn in the economy, gone are the endless evenings of eating out and ordering in. Sticking to the simple things in life—staying home, reading a book, or cooking a meal—has suddenly become not just fashionable but fisc­ally necessary. As a result, the kitchen is taking center stage, and not merely as a showcase for your gleaming KitchenAid mixer. Everything, from the food itself to the fixtures and tools needed to prepare it, becomes important. Even the lowly stockpot is getting a makeover. The British architect John Pawson, for example, recently designed a standout set of cookware for the Belgian manufacturer Demeyere that combines formal simplicity with excellent functionality. (Visit for an interview with Pawson.) Here’s a selection of kitchen products that should help outfit even the most dismal cook in Iron Chef–worthy style.

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