Centro De Artes Nadir Afonso building with curved slopes and glass windows by Louise Braverman
Centro de Artes Nadir Afonso; Boticas, Portugal.

Louise Braverman Engages Communities through Design

For the Leading Edge series, architect Louise Braverman seeks to create beauty that makes a difference in people’s lives by striking the perfect balance of visionary and pragmatic.


What makes an architecture and design practice unique? How do firms and offices develop areas of expertise, deep insights, and passion projects? For the Leading Edge seriesMetropolis editor in chief Avinash Rajagopal sat down with 20 firms in 2022, speaking to practitioners about what distinguishes their work. Watch the full series on DesignTV by SANDOW.

Seeking to create beauty that makes a difference in people’s lives, Louise Braverman’s work strikes the perfect balance of visionary and pragmatic. As the principal of Louise Braverman Architect, she works to engage communities through design.

Louise Braverman Uses Her Passion to Make a Difference

“I entered the field of architecture with a healthy dose of skepticism. Originally, I started in the art field. I was very interested in art that was situated in the land and a part of the land. But then over time, I was looking for a way that my art could be more involved in the lives of everyday people. I decided I’d be an architect, and that was about all I knew about architecture. And it turned out to be a really good choice because I go to my office every day with a passion to create.

I believe that compelling architecture is a natural reflection of our human instinct to provide both beauty and community. Making a tangible difference to the people who encounter our architecture is important to me, whether in cultural projects, residential projects, or in more unusual projects, like the dormitory we created for health-care workers in East Africa that was 100 percent off the grid.

My interest in the relationship between art and architecture continues to inspire our work. Art very basically is about ideas. It’s about ideas that are prevailing in our culture today, and ideas that have prevailed previously in our culture. You can learn from the art world about what’s important to people. I truly believe that these same ideas must be embedded in architecture to make it compelling. And that’s what we go in to work every day to do.”

Louise Braverman is the principal of Louise Braverman Architect.

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