#MetropolisLikes 2017 NeoCon Winners Announced!

Our picks for this year’s winners of the #MetropolisLikes award at Neocon.


At NeoCon 2017, the commercial design industry’s premier trade fair, our editors selected their favorite products to honor as part of our annual award program #MetropolisLikes. Submissions fell into four categories: Furniture, Lighting, Materials, and Technology. This year, each winner received a custom-made award designed by the Brooklyn-based firm, Trueing, made at A/D/O. See all 35 winners below!

All images courtesy of the manufacturer.




LilyPad Bernhardt Design

LilyPad is a swivel seat sitting atop a solid walnut table designed by NFL player and actor Terry Crews as part of a collaboration with Bernhardt Design. “The Egyptian sky god Horus was often depicted in ancient art sitting on the Egyptian Blue Water Lily,” he explained. “This image inspired the unique combination of an oval table, with a beautiful chair which appears to be a blossom rising above the table.”


BuzziCane / BuzziSpace

BuzziCane is a new sofa by DUM Office designers Wiebe Boonstra and Marc van Nederpelt. Its woven structure and velvet cushions give the seat a vintage look, while a range of color options make the sofa a surprisingly versatile option for homes, offices, and hospitality settings.

See it at: Showroom #10-111.


Hue / Davis furniture

Hue offers an immense collection of cases—lowboards, siderboards, highboards and wardrobes. The series was designed by Jehs+Laub to be a universally flattering option for any separation or storage purpose. Hue comes in 26 different color options, in addition to wood veneer finishes to match any of Davis’ other pieces.

See it at: Showroom #3-115.


River Personal Harbor / Global Furniture Group

Personal Harbor is the newest addition to the River seating series by Global Furniture Group. This seat is the perfect respite for individual work, introspection and recharging. Optional add-ons turn this personal hub into a workstation with power and USB outlets for mobile devices. The River series is also available for high traffic areas, with sturdier construction.

See it at: Showroom on 10th floor, suite 1035.


Matisse Modular Collection / JANUS et Cie

JANUS et Cie is answering the call for durable furniture that doesn’t sacrifice style for performance. Their new collection, Matisse was thought to be hyper-flexible with a straightforward, stylish design and upholstery in mesh, it’s ideal for public spaces of any kind.

See it at: Showroom 310A & 1420.


Meander / Keilhauer

The Meander series was envisioned for the blurry spaces in between residential and commercial, so the principle behind each product is flexibility. The collection of highly versatile pieces was designed by Niels Bendtson & Giancarlo Stefani of Bendtsen Design Associates. Each of the pieces in the Meander series—ottomans, sofa seats and curving corner pieces come in 14 modular units that can be configured in multiple ways.

See it at: Showroom #373.


Ruckus Collection / KI

More and more, learning spaces are being designed to promote interaction and collaboration. The Ruckus Collection of classroom furniture by Ki allows pieces to be configured and adapted to as many scenarios as can be imagined. Functional storage keeps things organized in classrooms while task chairs, stills and adjustable desks provide the infrastructure for active learning. Ruckus can be scaled to classrooms of any size and color options are available for maximal personality.

See it at: Showroom KI (Suite 1181).


Antenna Telescope 120 Degree / Knoll Inc.

As adjustable desks revolutionize the workplace, with the Antenna Telescope 120 degree desk, Knoll is already taking a step further. The desk integrates the ergonomic functions of adjustable height with the collaborative nature of benching. With a hidden mechanism and an intuitive, minimal structure, this desk fits right into flexible workspaces.

See it at: Showroom on 11th Floor #1111.


Calder / Koleksiyon

From the Italian design firm Studio Kairos for Koleksiyon, Calder was inspired by Alexander Calder’s sculptures. Calder is a modular seating system—four poufs and an aluminum tray—that can be used in hospitality spaces and workspaces alike. With specially designed fittings, the mobile pieces can be assembled in endless combinations.

See it at: Showroom #11-132.


Umami / Steelcase

Umami combines the tables, screens and technology to quickly turn workspaces into individual areas or collaborative hubs. With many material options and a variety of finishes, pieces can be quickly assembled for a dynamic workspace.

See it at: Showroom #300.


Bevy Tables / Studio TK

“Bevy is a dynamic table platform that enables endless configuration. Designed for sitting, standing or perching, the collection easily solves any spatial configuration,” says designer Mario Ruiz. With a powerfully simple design, Bevy Tables come in six table heights and many sizes.

See it at: Showroom #1044.



The F4 seat was created to be remarkably responsive, featuring a mechanism that intuitively responds to a range of seated gestures with minimal manual adjustments in tandem with the hip’s natural axis of rotation. Even with a thin frame, F4 achieves as much support as it does comfort.

See it at: Showroom #346.


Andavi Collection / Tuohy Furniture Corporation

Each of the components in the Andavi Collection by the Tuohy Furniture Corporation provide trustworthy storage space that can be assembled as a matrix. The individual pieces can positioned to strategically control privacy and offer additional benefits that range from managing acoustics to providing ergonomic work areas.

See it at: TUOHY, Showroom #1159.


The Maker Project (Stool) / Versteel

The Maker Project by Versteel places the highest value in reliable construction in simple yet functional designs. This stool embodies those principles in a highly useful object.

See it at: Showroom #1093.


Elani / OFS Brands Inc.

From Elani, sitters can decide to focus on individual work or engage in conversation; this seat was designed with a curved back that supports both work modalities. Elani is rounded off with superb details like sculpted Ash wood legs.

See it at: Showroom #1132.



Corner Office by Pablo Designs / Haworth, Inc.

Pablo Design’s Corner Office integrates an LED task light and desktop power ports into an acoustic panel with optional accessory pockets. Corner Office was created with designers Peter Stathis and Michael McCoy. The result achieves even more versatility in open plan offices by easily morphing tabletop into private spaces.

See it at: Haworth, Suite 312.


Infinity / Humanscale

From the design firm that is most synonymous with ergonomics and comfort, comes the Infinity task light. Adhering to the principle of adaptable design, the fixture is fully adjustable and flexible, even with its minimalist aesthetic. The LED light also has a night option and PIR sensor, aimed at maximizing energy conservation.

See it at: Humanscale #351.



glassCUBE /Carvart

glassCUBE is a freestanding, non-construction-based glass wall system with an open-air ceiling that addresses multiple facility management concerns. It works within an existing building to section off private rooms for meetings or waiting rooms. This glass solution eliminates the need to knock down walls due to construction to create a new space.

See it at: Showroom 11-136.

Seeyond / 3form

These three-dimensional tiles by 3form can be easily assembled to create partitions within open spaces. The tiles are made out of acoustic felt that provides superb sound-absorption. Seeyond tiles are magnetized and easy to assemble to conform to the needs of the moment.

See it at: Showroom #10-142.


ImageWall / A. Zahner Co.

Imagewall allows designers to create, price and purchase perforated metal imagery for facades, walls, ceilings, and more all within an online app. By placing the power of the full stack process into the hands of the designer, Imagewall is changing the means through which products are specified.

See it at: Showroom #7/1/4010.


Night Vision / Bentley

Bentley’s Night Vision flooring features innovative technology that illuminates tile and broadloom carpets in monochromatic gradients, with many possibilities for color combinations. Night Vision is ideal for taking commercial flooring to new dimensions. Night Vision is Cradle to Cradle Certified™, NSF® 140 certified and CRI Green Label Plus certified, and produced in a LEED®-EBOM Gold-certified manufacturing facility.

See it at: Showroom #1098.


Fusion Collection / CF Stinson, LLC

The patterns in CF Stinson’s new collection for interiors are all about combining textures, colors, techniques, and styles. All the textiles in Fusion are stain resistant and GreenGuard certified.

See it at: CF Stinson, 10th floor/ 10-150


Entrada / Carnegie

Entrada is a three-dimensional felt hanging panel and drapery that divides spaces while providing sound absorption. The panels are laser-cut then sewn together to create a textured surface that provides privacy while still allowing some light to come through–a refreshing alternative for office spaces.

See it at: Showroom #10-112.


Raw Materials Collection / HBF Textiles

Raw Materials, the new offering by HBF Textiles offers a variety of options for bringing the warmth of home into the office. The series features six fabrics designed by Elodie Blanchard for the environmentally conscious HBF Textiles, which means that in addition to being sophisticated and unique, they feature sustainable materials like rapidly renewable content and post-consumer recycled polyester.

See it at: Showroom #3-387.


Archive Inspired / KnollTextiles

In honor of KnollTextiles 70th anniversary, Creative Director Dorothy Cosonas has delved into the archive and emerged with 11 revamped patterns in a total of 102 color options. The Archive Inspired Collection features upholstery and drapery textiles that have been updated for contemporary settings. Among new classics like Feeling Plaid, and Modern Tweed Alter, Knoll also introduces its first 4 way stretch upholstery fabric, Stretch Appeal.

See it at: Showroom #1111, KnollTextiles.


Focus In / Luum

Designed by Suzanne Tick for Luum Textiles, the Focus In collection is aimed to fit with the trend for adaptable furniture. Eight fabrics include high-performance upholsteries, vertical surface textiles, wraped-wall, and textiles for direct-glue applications. The fabrics use innovative combinations of yarns more commonly found in athletic shoes and twisted yarn with irregular textures.

See it at: Showroom #1043.


Paper Collection / Mannington Commercial

HOK Design and Mannington Design Studio worked to create this new series of carpet planks, all inspired by paper—creased, crumpled, torn. Deploying warm and cool grays and earthy tones, the collection is rounded out with green and blue accents.

See it at: Showroom #10/1/1039.


Encryption / Milliken

Encryption is a flooring option by Milliken that takes a cue from the ever-merging worlds of people and technology. The highly graphic result provides a dimension to commercial flooring with an engaging visual effect. Encryption also minimizes, and even eliminates, future challenges that can compromise the quality of a built environment, such as mold and mildew caused by subfloor moisture, through its very construction.

See it at: Showroom #1149.


Lichen / Mohawk Group

Combining biophilic design with sustainability, Lichen is the first carpet system to be awarded the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge Petal certification. Based around a concept of “Nature’s Carpet,” these carpets were inspired from the colors and textures of lichens from extreme climates around the world. The carpets come in a modular plank formats for easy installation.

See it at: Showroom #377.


Graphic Collection / Momentum Group

Every textile in Emanuela Frattini Magnusson’s new collection for Momentum Group is developed with innovative technology and high quality materials. From custom-made wool yarns to silicone coated fabrics, the high-performing textures and colors in the Graphic Collection are ideal for workspaces and common areas.

See it at: Showroom #11-106.


Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick / Skyline Design

Designer Suzanne Tick created Transcend, the new architectural glass collection by Skyline Design, to be used as a way to connect spaces. Six different patterns are etched in glass and can be faded or overlapped to create seamless transitions between functional areas, from interior to exterior, public to private. Patterns can be customized through scale and color.

See it at: Showroom #1060.


Infinite Neutral / Wolf-Gordon

Infinite Neutral is a textile is woven, surprisingly,  out many colored yarns. “In art school, we weaved the rainbow together and I was surprised to discover a beautiful gray neutral,” says designer Morgan Bajardi. “I’ve wanted to replicate that concept in a textile since I started with Wolf-Gordon three years ago. This is the perfect, versatile color that will work anywhere.”

See it at: Showroom #10-161.


Wilsonart® Traceless™ Laminate / Wilsonart

Wilsonart’s new laminate is the perfect solution to protect matte surfaces from fingerprints and smudges. The laminate is incorporated into the surface during the manufacturing process, resulting in a seamless integration that maintains the qualities of high-quality surfaces, with the added value of smudge protection. Wilsonart makes the laminate in five colors.

See it at: Showroom #7-1022.


FLEX / Sensitile Systems

FLEX by Sensitile Systems is a unique new option for surfaces. The manufacturing method that produces this flexible material was developed specifically by the company and results in a product that can bend, twist, and conform to countless surfaces, and can even be used by itself to create stand-alone structures.

See it at: Showroom #7/1/2022.



Jabbrrbox One / Jabbrrbox

For the exponentially increasing mobile workforce, Jabbrrbox One comes as a welcome solution. This workplace was designed for temporary individual occupancy and comes fully conditioned for anything the on-the-go worker might need for focused work—lighting, power outlets and well-thought ventilation. Jabbrrbox One comes in nine colors, but can be customized.

See it at: Showroom #7/1/3107.


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