Next Stop: Nostalgia

Our associate art director takes a ride on New York’s vintage subway fleet.

About 350 train enthusiasts weathered this past Sunday’s thunderstorms to board the New York Transit Museum‘s vintage Independent Subway System (IND) fleet Nostalgia Ride. The tour began at the Transit Museum’s headquarters in downtown Brooklyn and made its way up the A line to the MTA’s 207th Street overhaul yard in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The Transit Museum conducts these exclusive vintage-fleet tours a few times during the summer (although the next one isn’t until June 2010, you can expect surprise runs in December) as a way for the community to experience what old New York was like–with overhead fans swinging, electric circuit smells galore, and clever advertisements. Check out more photos from Sunday’s tour after the jump.

Long Island Railroad Caboose C-60 (1961) is on view at the New York Transit Museum’s lower level.

Passengers en route up Manhattan’s Upper West Side in an R-1-type car built in 1931. This #381 car was in service until the 1970s.

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Matches are more useful than they seem!

Our train arrives at the 207th Street overhaul shop, which services 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 trains.

Trains awaiting service

For information on future events, visit the Transit Museum’s Web site.

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