Playful Seating

Yonoh Creative Studio joins forces with Capdell to create a chair that brings out the kid in all of us.

When Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma founded the Spanish design studio Yonoh, their goal was to improve upon the status quo. The new Polo chair, part of a larger collection that the team designed in its first collaboration with Capdell, demonstrates how they’re doing just that. Whimsical and refreshingly fun, the chair—like the rest of the Polo collection—is a celebration of youth, with its flat strips, wide legs, bevelled edges, and specially curved backrest.

Del Portillo took some time to discuss the duo’s inspiration and process in creating this Scandavian-influenced chair that is as comfortable as it is playful.

“The most important thing with a chair is that it’s always comfortable, which is why we created a surrounding back.”

“We were wanting to do a wood chair that felt fresh and young, so we made the legs big.”

“The plain legs with the chamfers and the glued wood unions are details that we used to give the chair its own personality.”

“In keeping with the feeling of youth, the various pieces can be combined in different finishes, lacquers, and upholsteries.”

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