Private Space

New products that give an individual touch to domestic life.

With all the focus these days on residential spaces as personalized environments and the myriad new products introduced into the marketplace every year, there’s no one trend or style that dominates. Pragmatic space-saving solutions offered by Allmilmö’s Art of Living Kitchen, which comes with slide-away doors to help integrate the kitchen into small areas, and Leviton’s three-plug electrical outlet offer smart ways to make living spaces work better. The Bouroullec brothers’ prototype tile system and Moooi’s Dickies seating suggest the promise of a softer, gentler world, while companies like Chista, Moura Starr, and the Batinau Design Group are helping to make the promise a reality through environmentally friendly materials and sustainable practices. And whether it’s a classic piece by Hans J. Wegner or the latest creation from Moooi, there’s always room for the individual touch. The products shown here will transform even the most humble domestic space into a personal retreat.

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