The Smart Set

Stylish, clever, and eco-friendly objects bring a touch of class to the office.

The selection of products for workplaces can be downright dreary at times. Thankfully an assortment of manufacturers is producing alternatives to those soulless Dilbert-like cubicles. At this year’s NeoCon trade fair, furniture companies like Evolve and Geiger, and textile manufacturers such as Carnegie, Designtex, Victor Innovatex, and Architex are coming out with eco-friendly products that perform well and look great. Given all the time we spend in our offices, customizing work environments to meet our needs is essential—whether it’s bringing in smart technology like Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound 4 audio system, finding a stylish ergonomic chair, or infusing spaces with boldly colored surfaces. More than ever the office needs an element of fun: a quirky coffee cup from Sieger, a classic Castiglioni lamp, or an A-shaped desk by Michael Young. This month’s featured products provide those essential details that should give office workers yet another reason to leave the red suspenders at home.

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