Water World

The latest bathroom products draw inspiration from nature, technology, and the spa.

The bathroom ought to be a bastion of hygiene, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel clinical. Increasingly, nature is a major inspiration: edges have become softer and more organic. Fixtures create the effect of rain showers, waterfalls, and, in the case of the manufacturer Hansa, water running over pebbles in a stream.

At the same time, spa-style luxury continues to gain popularity. Mood enhancers like colored lighting, aromatherapy, and music—already introduced to resi­dential bathtubs and Jacuzzis—have moved in to showers. Even the toilet seat is getting an upgrade. Toto’s new Washlet S400 has a hands-free flush and a smart lid that opens and closes automatically—making it ideal for children, the elderly, and husbands who just never learn. Here’s a selection of bathroom products—plus one for the kitchen—that emphasize comfort, convenience, and fluid curves.

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