Winterhouse Awards Winners Announced

The AIGA named the three recipients of its annual design-writing awards this afternoon.

To all the design writers out there holding their breath, hoping for a $10,000 phone call from the AIGA: the winners of the Winterhouse Awards for Design Writing and Criticism were announced this afternoon, and–unless your name is Sean Keller, Chappell Ellison, or Steven Lauritano–you didn’t make the cut. Maybe next year. As for the winners, Keller (left)–who won the coveted $10K Writing Award–is an assistant professor of architectural history and theory at the Illinois Institute of Technology; and Ellison and Lauritano–who each won a $1K Education Award–are graduate students at the School of Visual Arts and Yale, respectively. You can read their winning essays–which run the gamut from Renzo Piano’s architectural modesty to the nexus of object and anxiety–on the awards Web site.

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