Interior of a contemporary bar with concrete fixtures and an LED backlit wall.
Courtesy Majid Aliyev

Crosby Studios Designs a Cocktail Brewpub in Brooklyn

Entrepreneurial spirit and multidisciplinary design blend to make the perfect concoction at the Wandering Barman cocktail brasserie.

The Wandering Barman has made an alchemical transformation from a bespoke bottled cocktail brewer to a bougie brasserie—and Brooklyn’s first cocktail brewpub. The local company developed its new proof-of-concept space with Harry Nuriev, architect and founder of Crosby Studios, alongside Team, the designers behind the Wandering Barman’s packaging and branding.

The 5,000-square-foot “cocktail think tank” is located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and spatially programmed with a dual purpose. The grand tasting room is outfitted with 40 colorful taps on draft, which patrons may imbibe while enjoying unique culinary stylings from guest chefs and restaurant pop-ups hosted there. Adjacent to the public venue, and visible through a large, round interior window puncturing the bar wall, is the brewery where mixology and manufacturing meet to produce the Wandering Barman’s signature beverages.

Interior of a contemporary bar with concrete floor and wall with a large circular mirror
Courtesy Majid Aliyev
Interior of a contemporary bar filled with people in front of a large backlit wall with plants showing through.
Courtesy Mike Vitelli

This duality is also reflected in material choices and contrasting elements. “I love to combine different surfaces, textures, and forms of lighting to create futuristic environments,” says Nuriev. “With this project, I enjoyed contrasting a matte concrete interior with vibrant colors and lustrous materials.”

Stark yet crisp, the concrete-clad space is peppered with bright notes of tangerine and pink that can be found in a series of reconfigurable seating and prismatic furniture allowing for a variety of permutations at the user’s discretion. Curved space dividers are made of blush acrylic encased in orange frames and retrofitted with soft, low-glow LEDs—a contemporary interpretation of candlelit booths for a dining culture that increasingly values personal space. The tasting bars extrude from the concrete floor while sinewy stools and thin pendant lighting sit and hang in tension with them, respectively. 

composite Image of a contemporary bar with an LED backlit wall and a concrete bar.
Courtesy Majid Aliyev

The brand’s ethos and visual identity are made tangible in the monumental lightbox flanking the bar, which floods the interior with a saccharine, ethereal haze. The fruity, floral, and woody notes found in the spirits, as well as packaging, are referenced in a composition of plant life backlit by LEDs. The fixture is orange in color and the ribbon-like, vertical grain of the lighting is diffused by greenhouse panels.

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Open to the public as of October 8, the Wandering Barman provides respite for in-person patrons all the while bottling its unique spirits for others to enjoy off-site. Through a kaleidoscope of colors and materials, the brewpub promises a bright future for the post-industrial spaces that are so common in the neighborhood.

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