What Makes the Perfect Workplace?

From virtual reality to circular design, here is Metropolis‘s vision for today’s dream office.

If money and time were no object, how would we create the perfect workplace? In the aughts, companies that wanted to go the extra mile put in a game room or a Ping-Pong table; in the 2010s, a barista or food trucks. Now, with the pandemic not quite behind us, our priorities are a bit different. Here’s Metropolis’s vision of the ideal office today: spectacular gathering spaces, plenty of opportunities to work outside, a virtual office for those on the road, and the perfect setting for those working at home. And because we’re hurtling toward climate catastrophe, we can’t forget carbon-sequestering materials and a circular approach to asset management. That’s the dream—a beautiful, healthy, sustainable place to do our best work.

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    Are Couches the New Desks?

    As designers and manufacturers rethink office life, some are ditching the desk-and-chair paradigm in favor of more relaxed solutions. 

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    Four Outdoor Furniture Options for the Workplace

    As interior designers use biophilic features to bring the outside in, the idea of adding more outdoor office spaces to immerse workers in nature is also gaining traction.

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    Moët Hennessy Moves its Paris Headquarters to Historic Le Bon Marché

    Located in the city’s oldest surviving department store and designed by Barbarito Bancel, the workplace features luxurious offices, social spaces, and multiple green terraces.

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    By bringing new life to discarded materials and managing the reuse of assets like furniture and building materials Tri-Lox and Rheaply are building a circular future.

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    Technology Can Deliver Remote and In-Person Workers Equal Experiences

    A virtual twin—an online replica of the workplace powered by real-time data on occupancy and use—can be a tool for equity.

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