Look Hue’s Up and Coming

A new exhibit provides a colorful outlet for young designers

The American Design Club opened their third exhibit, Hue Are You? last Friday at Future Perfect in Brooklyn. Focusing on the theme of color, the show features a vibrant mix of furniture, jewelry, and revamped found objects from up and coming American designers.

Strict chairs[2008], Hugh Hayden; Nesting Tables [2008], Elisa Werbler; Modern Stripes pillows  [2008]
Fred Red; Burton Custom snowboard, JDK Design for Burton Snowboard

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Set against the backdrop of a stark white room, the show’s theme of color played prominently among the bright and punchy objects. Some pieces offered subtle uses of color, a practical flashlight made of paper painted in delicate shades of blue for example. While others, like a set of gumdrop colored chairs, would make an 8-year old squeal with glee. All of the pieces, including Swaravski crystal studded animal skulls and silk-spun necklaces, are for sale.

Mini Pedestals [2008], Iacoli & Mcallister

Matter [2008], Leah Koransky

Russian Doll Wood Table, Rich Brilliant Willing

Flat Frame Pendants, Iacoli and McAllister

The founders of the  American Design Club aim to foster and support an ongoing community of American designers. While larger commercial agencies do exist, the American Design Club puts the spotlight on emerging artists who may not otherwise get noticed. True to their word, AmDC has put out a call to entries for each of their exhibits, garnering an eclectic mix of charter members and lesser-known designers.

On view through April 30th, Hue Are You? is a fun collection any design minded object-hound should not miss.

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