Year in Review 2018: 9 Lessons from Architecture, Design, and Cities

Metropolis tapped experts from across the design world to help articulate the year’s biggest takeaways—from resiliency to workplace productivity, diversity, and beyond.

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A slew of recent work has examined the sustainable potential of plastics, long seen as emblematic of environmental degradation. London-based Charlotte Kidger’s Industrial Craft collection uses polyurethane-foam dust—a by-product of CNC manufacturing—to create new furniture. Courtesy Charlotte Kidger

2018 has been a big year—there have been revelations around architecture’s #MeToo moment, the social and urban ramifications of resilience planning, and the return of sustainable plastics, just to name a few.

In each of the essays below, our contributors dwell on these developments and explore how we should practice, frame, and respond to the challenges at hand.

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