6 Kitchen Products for the Compulsive Cook

For those who seek complete control over their food, these products are the ideal solution.

The life of a perfectionist can be challenging.  The little things that most people shrug off—a book out of place, a smudge on the tabletop, a wrinkle on an otherwise perfectly pressed shirt—can cause unending frustration. For type-A personalities, seemingly enjoyable experiences such as hosting a dinner party or making breakfast for the family can be extremely stressful. However, with the latest kitchen products and appliances, cooking five-star-worthy meals at home has become attainable. Every course–from appetizer to after-dinner coffee–will be absolutely perfect.

1. Craighton Berman Manual Coffeemaker No. 1
The double-wall construction of this pour-over brewer maintains the ideal extraction temperature. Coffee connoisseurs can support its Kickstarter campaign this fall.

2. The Agency of Design Optimist Toaster
Breakfast shouldn’t be ruined by unevenly toasted bread. Old heating elements are easily replaced in this designed-to-last toaster.

3. Maquino Kitchen Scales by The Division
Because this scale can be reset to zero, only one bowl need be used as ingredients are added, ensuring exact proportions.

4. Samsung Slide-In Range with FlexDuo Oven
Holidays just got a lot less stressful. A divider allows for cooking two dishes simultaneously at different temperatures with no aroma transfer.

5. Kenwood Cooking Chef
Never worry about constantly stirring risotto again. This 4-in-1 machine has five-degree precision induction technology that cooks and mixes at the same time.

6. Duravit Kiora Sink by Sieger Design
Made from DuraCeram, a special ceramic, the sink can withstand harsh wear and tear. Cleanup is lot easier, thanks to a tilted drain board that allows water to simply flow off dirty dishes.

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