Do No Harm, Do Good, Do Better

Formica’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030 begins with comprehensive lifecycle assessments.

Formica Corporation is a sponsor of the 2021 Metropolis Perspective: Sustainability Symposium

Across the architecture and interior design industries, there is a growing understanding that to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis, the built environment will have to become a whole lot greener. To that end, Formica Corporation, a major producer of high pressure laminate and other surfaces, announced that it would set itself the ambitious goal of becoming net carbon neutral by 2030. As a part of that headline goal, the brand will aim for a 25 percent reduction of carbon emissions and a 10 percent reduction in energy demand by 2026. The company also aims to cut its water use by five percent in the next five years.

Relying on a lifecycle assessment (LCA) methodology allows Formica Corporation to get a clear picture of their products’ environmental impact from raw material extraction all the way through when they leave the factory—or cradle to gate. By accurately measuring their impact, publishing that environmental impact data each year, and then identifying where to cut emissions and waste, Formica Corporation is taking a “first, do no harm” approach to sustainability. But they are also taking steps to have a positive impact, aiming to go beyond regulatory requirements and invest in a sustainable future.

Like many brands, Formica Corporation is finding that an ambitious sustainability agenda isn’t only the right thing to do, it’s the savvy thing to do from a business standpoint. In a recent survey, they found that an overwhelming 98 percent of interior designers said their clients are placing a greater importance on environmentally friendly materials. As consumers and specifiers seek surfaces that are better for the planet, Formica Corporation is adapting and laying out a clear and aggressive plan to meet the challenges of climate change.

Formica Group North America Evendale Plant November 2020

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