These Two New Sustainable Products are Designed to Delight

Discover how ENESS’s solar-powered bench and Sensei’s wayfinding for the visually impaired are bringing function, sustainability, and joy outdoors and in. 


A Solar-Powered Bench That Spins Ever So Slowly

Functional, sustainable, and joyful—studio ENESS delivers on its promise with the aptly named A Solar-Powered Bench That Spins Ever So Slowly. Made of recyclable material, the rotomolded low-density polyethylene (LDPE) takes on a modern floral form to create petal-shaped seating and is retrofitted with solar panels in the center of the bloom. When installed as a plot, the benches are reminiscent of flowers oscillating in direct response to the volume of sunshine feeding them. Those sitting may dangle their legs or replant their feet as the motion encourages users to consider fresh vistas with the movement of the sun.

Sensei Tactile Surfaces

Sensei makes architectural graphics accessible by accommodating a wide range of visual impairments with its low-tech wayfinding solution. The current collection comprises five tactile surface patterns—each with a unique color and distinct design articulated through pronounced textures—demarcating washrooms, corridors, elevators, emergency exits, and cafeterias. These 300-by-13-millimeter adhesive tiles can be arranged linearly according to program needs and installed like a rail through existing spaces to create haptic flow lines. This seemingly simple non-mobility style aid preserves user autonomy and allows for relative  independence when navigating spaces as early as the age of two. 

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