Future100 Architecture Graduate Winners

These are the top architecture graduate students in the United States and Canada as selected by the METROPOLIS team. View the full 2024 Future100 cohort here.

WIN AUNG | University of Southern California

NOMINATOR: Alvin Huang, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate and Post-Professional Architecture, University of Southern California, School of Architecture

“Win is a truly unique and ambitious student who has displayed exemplary leadership and organizational skills. He is an analytical designer, adept at conceptual, visual, relational, and practical elements, and is also remarkably ambitious and forward-thinking.”

EMILY BIGELOW | Lawrence Technological University

NOMINATOR: Scott Shall, Associate Professor, College of Architecture and Design, Lawrence Technological University

“Emily has demonstrated an acute ability to wrestle with complex questions and offer grounded, creative, and well-considered responses. She is a diligent, committed, and hardworking person, capable of producing exceptional results in a very short period of time.”

MOROCCO BRANTING | University of Washington

NOMINATOR: Richard Mohler, FAIA, NCARB, Professor and Chair, Department of Architecture, University of Washington

“Through woodworking in hand with architecture, I shape and enrich human environments, advocating for the significance design thinking has on the quality of our lives and the well-being of our environment,” writes Morocco.

KIRAH CAHIL | University of Pennsylvania

NOMINATOR: Andrew Saunders, Acting Chair of the Department of Architecture; Director of the Master of Architecture Professional Degree Program; Associate Professor of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania

Kirah’s work explores relationships—between the natural world and built environment, between materials, between technology and our cities—with imaginative and provocative proposals that demonstrate fresh methodologies and attention to detail.

JENNY COOK | Southern California Institute of Architecture

NOMINATOR: Elena Manferdini, Graduate Programs Chair, Southern California Institute of Architecture

Jenny’s portfolio is a playful and imaginative exploration of the relationship between medium and narrative. Her interest in the technology’s role in design is evident in proposals like SYN-Biotech World headquarters.

LIBBY COUTURE | Kansas State University

NOMINATOR: Otto (Adulsak) Chanyakorn, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, College of Architecture, Planning and Design, Kansas State University

“Libby is one of the most gifted architectural students that I have met in the past decade as an educator. Her artistic creativity, design sensibility, prolific work ethic, and personality make her the most deserving of this honor and recognition.”

MEISAM DADFARMAY | Pennsylvania State University

NOMINATOR: Rahman Azari, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture; Founding Director, RE2 Lab; Affiliate Member, Hamer Center for Community Design; Associate Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering; Affiliate Member, Stuckeman Center for Computation Design; Co-funded Faculty Member, Institute of Energy and the Environment (IEE), Pennsylvania State University

“Meisam’s design demonstrates a fusion of creativity, functionality, and performance. His projects reflect a keen understanding of spatial dynamics and transform concepts into tangible spaces that meet programmatical requirements and evoke a sense of inspiration.”

TORI DUNSTON | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

NOMINATOR: David Karle, Director of Architecture Program and Associate Professor, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

“Tori is seeking to intertwine her design education with her passion to impact her community significantly. Her yearlong design thesis work acts as a catalyst for change, positively acting to design and redevelop equitable urban spaces that honor diverse communities’ unique cultures and histories.”

ANGELIQUE ELIA | Florida International University

Mark Marine, Assistant Teaching Professor, Florida International University

“Angelique approaches learning with an intense attitude and appropriate level of dedication, allowing her to create and understand projects with a clear set of assumptions and a highly thought-out level of sophistication.”

JACK LONDON FREEDMAN | Southern California Institute of Architecture

NOMINATOR: Elena Manferdini, Graduate Programs Chair at Southern California Institute of Architecture; Principal, Atelier Manferdini

“Jack has proved that he is able to excel in any academic environment, because of his determination, design skills, and intelligence. He is an intelligent, capable, and personable designer, and has demonstrated leadership and maturity uncommon for his young age.”

NEGAR HOSSEINI | California College of the Arts

NOMINATOR: Negar Kalantar, Associate Professor, California College of the Arts

“One of Negar’s most noteworthy attributes is her passion for customizable designs. She has a deep-seated desire to create designs that empower users to make changes based on their comfort and personal preferences.”


NOMINATOR: Alexandra Barker, Chair and Adjunct Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

“Matt is adept and versatile with techniques and technologies of representation and fabrication and has a confident yet open-minded and collaborative approach to working that is productive, inspiring, and inclusive to others in his class.”

ROSHAN JOSE | Clemson University

NOMINATOR: David Allison, Alumni Distinguished Professor and Director, Graduate Studies in Architecture + Health, Clemson University School of Architecture

“Roshan has consistently demonstrated a passion for the design of health-care environments and the role the built environment plays in impacting human health and well-being. He has an inquiring mind and seeks out opportunities to expand his knowledge and experience.”

YAU WAI LAM | University at Buffalo

NOMINATOR: Annette W. LeCuyer, Professor of Architecture, University at Buffalo, School of Architecture and Planning

“Yau Wai (Eddie) brings an important multicultural outlook to his work. He has established himself as a leader in our graduate program and is poised to make significant contributions to the profession.”


NOMINATOR: Yara Feghali, Lecturer, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

“Pingting is a disciplined and refined architect and designer whose meticulous attention to detail and methodical approach consistently yield beautifully executed projects. Her dedication to creative ideas and unique approaches, combined with a joyful spirit, makes her an invaluable asset to any team.”

DANIEL LUTZE | University of Pennsylvania

NOMINATOR: Andrew Saunders, Acting Chair, Department of Architecture; Director, Master of Architecture Professional Degree Program; Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

Daniel’s work—from his high-density housing project Mercury to his interactive pavilion design for Nostalgia—demonstrates his passion for how physical, mental, and emotional experiences overlap in our surroundings.

SIMON NEEDHAM | University of Cincinnati

NOMINATOR: Edward Mitchell, Director, School of Architecture and Interior Design, DAAP, University of Cincinnati

“Simon combines a playful formal sensibility with close attention to detail and a high degree of resolution that has made his work among the most outstanding in the school. He has mastered several scales of work from memorable urban designs to inventive building types.”

AXEL OLSON | University of Michigan

NOMINATOR: McLain Clutter, Architecture Program Chair and Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

“Axel is a careful thinker and an extremely talented designer with an eye for detail and emerging design sensibilities. He is among the most talented designers in his class, and among a small handful of the most talented students I have had in my 14 years at the university.”

SOPHIE PACELKO | University of Michigan

NOMINATOR: McLain Clutter, Architecture Program Chair and Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

“Sophie is thoughtful, inquisitive, and among the most talented students in her class. Her work is spatially and aesthetically exuberant, while addressing critical environmental and social issues that define our societal moment.”


NOMINATOR: Simon Kim, Visiting Professor, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

“Kinamee is a new generation of architect that presents a revitalized wilderness. For him, architecture is a receiver and container of a synthetic nature that upbraids classical notions of interior and exterior, and human occupation and nonhuman-centric organization.”

DOMINIC SAMORAJ | University of Utah

NOMINATOR: Timothy O. Adekunle, Interim Chair of the School of Architecture and Associate Professor, School of Architecture, College of Architecture + Planning, University of Utah

“Dominic showcases an in-depth knowledge and understanding of developing design concepts, building systems, and structural integration. He is a team player, a good communicator, and he builds his arguments logically.”

KOSTA SEVIC | Tulane University

NOMINATOR: Ammar Eloueini, Director of Graduate Architecture, Professor of Architecture, Tulane University, School of Architecture

Through a comprehensive and integrated approach, Kosta’s proposals address resilience and sustainability through high-level strategies down to design details and material choice communicated with in-depth diagrams and visualizations.

KARTIK SHARMA | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

NOMINATOR: Francisco J. Rodríguez-Suárez, Director and Miers Professor, School of Architecture, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“Aside from being a talented and committed leader, Kartik’s academic potential is laudable, and his maturity clearly advanced in comparison with other peers. He truly shares an academic preoccupation with the state of architecture today and the possibilities of the discipline in today’s challenging environment.”

MARLA STEPHENS | University of Florida

NOMINATOR: Judi Shade Monk, Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Florida

“Marla possesses a strong intuitive design intellect; she is willing to take risks, work iteratively, she capably identifies next steps when navigating unfamiliar processes, and is constantly striving to better herself. As a result, she is a pacesetter among her peers.”

CHI YAN (JACK) TAM | University of California, Berkeley

NOMINATOR: Dan Spiegel, Continuing Lecturer in Architecture, University of California, Berkeley; and Richard J. Wood, Managing Director Asia, Snøhetta

“Jack is an active contributor. He is hardworking, competent, and participatory. He gives full commitment and will undoubtedly make a valuable addition to any ambitious architectural practice.”

HUIYING TAN | University at Buffalo

NOMINATOR: Gregory K. Serweta, Visiting Adjunct Instructor, University at Buffalo

“Huiying is an enthusiastic student, exhibiting leadership and fearlessness in her architecture classes and peer tutoring. She demonstrates a passionate work ethic, as well as a keen interest and a deep curiosity in her design studio work.”

GRACE WHITTINGTON | Washington University in St. Louis

NOMINATOR: Georgia (Gia) Dasklakis, Associate Professor, Sam Fox School at Washington University in St. Louis

“Grace consistently produces thoughtful and beautiful work with acute attention to context and detail, and her drawings reflect the experiential spaces she aims to create. Her history in interior design and architecture has given her strong insights in understanding how users may experience her designs.”

SAMUEL WYLIE | University of Oregon

NOMINATOR: Justin Fowler, Director, Portland Architecture Program; Co-Director, Graduate Studies, Department of Architecture, University of Oregon School of Architecture and the Environment

“In pursuing both an MArch and an MS in historic preservation, Samuel has sought not only to bridge disciplines but to position each in a critical dialogue on issues of pressing concern. He is an enthusiastic, intelligent, and supportive presence.”


NOMINATOR: Max Kuo, Lecturer, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, and Partner, ALLTHATISSOLID

“Qing is a complete visionary, exploring her creative impulse both within her academic architectural pursuits as well as extracurricular interests beyond. This interdisciplinary grounding allows her to challenge the status quo in architecture by turning each problem on its head.”

ISAIAH ZUERCHER | University of Cincinnati

NOMINATOR: Edward Mitchell, Program Director, DAAP School of Architecture and Interior Design

“Isaiah has been one of our most outstanding students. He has excelled in the areas of building design and urban design. He combines a thoughtful conceptual approach with a high degree of architectural resolution that makes him a young architect to watch in the coming years.”

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