Fresh-Air Textile

An eco-friendly fabric by Louise Russell for Carnegie infuses health-care settings with good vibes.

Listening to Louise Russell talk about the new Fresh Air textile collection, which she designed for the Long Island–based manufacturer Carnegie, can feel a bit like dropping in on a Deepak Chopra lecture. “Everything in the universe is mere vibration,” Russell says. “And everything resonates. I’m creating a product that will influence the environment and that will have an influence on the individuals within the environment.”

The environments in this case are the hallways, exam rooms, and waiting areas of hospitals and doctors’ offices—the clinical, often ugly spaces where all of us are destined to spend some unpleasant hours of our lives. To help create a more calming atmosphere, Russell worked with nature photographs, breaking the images down into pixels and then reassembling them into patterns. A proponent of “vibrational medicine,” Russell says that the process—a technique she trademarked under the name Vibrational Wellness—creates a textile that has healing powers. “It actually is emitting an energetic field that you would have compatibility with and that would help to bring harmony within yourself,” she says. Energetic fields aside, the seven patterns in Fresh Air are certainly soothing and should bring a welcome semblance of nature into typically antiseptic health-care settings.


Avora FR polyester fabric

Durable, colorfast, and flame-resistant

Textile for health-care environments, particularly appropriate for privacy screens in hospitals and doctors’ offices

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