Simple Settings

The architect Sava Cvek removes some of the bells and whistles of the task chair.

With office workers spending so much time at their desks, it’s no wonder that industrial designers are always searching for the perfect chair. Stylex’s new multipurpose seat, the Sava, hopes to be just that. Named for the designer of the chair, the architect Sava Cvek, it was created for people who spend long hours performing a variety of tasks. Gone are the 50-turn knob settings, which are commonly found on task chairs (and which people rarely use). They’re replaced with four simple settings. “Sava avoids the pitfalls of both plug-and-play seating and awkward and complicated hyperadjustable seating,” says John Golden, president of Stylex. “Sava offers the precise level of control to support today’s collaborative and adaptive environments.” And Sava, which is available as either a task or conference chair, is priced to address tight budgets. Here Cvek takes us through some of the finer points of the chair, which debuts this month at NeoCon.

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