Future100: From Testing Centers to Work-From-Home Towns, Students Respond to the Pandemic

Six architecture and design students took inspiration from our “new normal” to imagine safer interiors and greener neighborhoods.

Monica Beckett Metropolis Top 100 2020 Portfolio Page 03
Monica Beckett completed this concept for a post-COVID grocery store while working with designers at Toronto’s Mason Studio. Responding to the uncertain future of retail, the importance of social distancing, and the surge in home delivery, the design team imagined a grocery retail outlet as an indoor/outdoor hybrid with lockers where customers can pick up preordered goods. Courtesy Monica Beckett

For many students graduating this year, the public health crisis provided ample inspiration for design interventions at the architectural, interior, and urban scales. Some applied their skills to practical solutions such as COVID-19 testing centers, restaurants that adapt to the need for social distancing, and grocery stores designed for contactless shopping. Others saw the pandemic as a catalyst. With municipalities and employers more receptive than ever to big ideas, these scholars perceived opportunities to bring nature into the workplace, reshape commuter towns into livable work-from-home neighborhoods, and develop parks in green-space-strapped urban communities.

Patios Merging
Over the past year, thousands of restaurants around the world have had to scramble to move operations outdoors—most without the guidance of a designer. Amanda Wyman’s design for outdoor dining areas at a Michigan restaurant conforms to social distancing standards. Decisions to include biophilic elements and recyclable materials show the young designer’s attention to materials and atmosphere. Courtesy Amanda Wyman
Metro2020hanqingyao Page 10
A module made up of forms commonly found in children’s playground equipment, Hanqing Yao’s Flipit is actually a COVID-19 testing center. Large enough to accommodate one patient and one health-care worker (separated by a small window), it is designed to take some of the stress out of coronavirus testing. Courtesy Hanqing Yao

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