3 Short Films on New Architecture in New York City

These videos give insight into three recent landmark projects by Grimshaw Architects: Fulton Street Subway Station, Via Verde, and NYC’s public benches.

A still from Via Verde – The Green Way short movie

Courtesy Grimshaw Architects

Grimshaw Architects recently published a number of beautifully crafted short videos on their newest and past projects.

Produced by London based Oxford Film & Television, these short videos cast a light on the people behind the firm’s projects, from sometimes visionary clients, like Igus founder Günter Blase, to the actual designers, the construction workers and people who live in or use these buildings every day.

The following videos give insight into three recent landmark projects that have changed the face of New York City. The first tells the technical challenges behind the Fulton Street subway station, with its iconic sky-reflecting dome; the second brings us inside Via Verde, an affordable housing complex in the Bronx designed with sustainable and healthy living principles (and developed by former Metropolis Gamechanger Jonathan F. P. Rose); and the third reveals the design process that generated the city’s new bus stop shelters, news stands and other street furniture. Enjoy!

The Fulton Center from Grimshaw on Vimeo.

Via Verde – The Green Way from Grimshaw on Vimeo.

New York Street Furniture from Grimshaw on Vimeo.

Grimshaw is a global architecture firm founded in the 1980s whose portfolios includes universities, companies headquarters, train stations, airports, master plans, and even a biome structure that contains the largest indoor rainforest in the world.     

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