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We’re all trying to wrap our heads around the metaverse, the emerging network of virtual worlds focused on social connection, commerce, gaming, and much more. Designers are already expanding that network and will continue to do so. Will we end up creating a world that mirrors our own or something completely different? Will it be a place of freedom, equality, and self-expression, or one of corporate control and environmental and social degradation?

Here’s our regularly updated guide to the evolving role of design in the metaverse.

How to Design in the Metaverse

Find inspiration and provocation here as you get ready to explore design’s new digital frontiers. Dive into the key questions and new concepts that will help you create delightful, safe, accessible, and sustainable immersive experiences.

The Rising Stars of the Metaverse

Meet the out-of-the-box creators and tech magicians who are shaping the future of the 3D internet. Discover how they are changing the business of design, pioneering new aesthetics, and building bridges between the metaverse and our physical world.


Six Virtual Experiences Worth Getting Lost In

Designers, manufacturers, and curators continue to come up with imaginative solutions for experiencing design—without leaving your home.

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VR, AR, and New Layers of Reality

Virtual and augmented reality tech is opening up new possibilities for equity, collaboration, and access in architecture, interior design, and construction. Read our continued coverage of how architecture and design can respond to our new digital reality.

Architecture’s Digital Journey

The metaverse is the latest milestone in a long history of digital architecture. Digital renderings, BIM, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and world-building in video games—each development in technology has fundamentally shifted the practice of architecture.

Header Image: Designers Space Popular created Camera Balla, a 3D digital experience, to accompany an exhibition at the Maxxi museum in Rome about the Futurist artist and poet Giacomo Balla. The experience is available for all to access at cameraballa.net

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